What are Cryptokitties? How to collect, breed, and sell them?

Discover Cryptokitties, the pioneering blockchain game where you can collect, breed, and sell virtual cats for real money. Learn how to get started with buying, breeding, and enjoying this user-friendly game experience.

Moreover, you will need at least two unique cats to start breeding your cat (since they are unique, you will not have any problem). You can also start with one cat but then you will have to cooperate with another user to start the breeding.

How to start the game ‘Cryptokitties’?

To start the game, first, you’ll have to breed your cat, and if you have two cats, you can start the game right away. Once the virtual cats have breed, an egg will deposit in your inventory. Then, you’ll have to click on the egg, it will hatch and then you’ll have an extra kitten in your bucket.
You can buy cats from different generations. The generation that a cat is from is on view right beneath the number of the cat. For example, you have two cats, and both of them are part of the second generation. If these two cats will breed, then the offspring will be part of the third generation.
Each cat is of different gender and in crypto kitties, one is called ‘Dame’ and the other one is ‘Sire’. It is not mentioned whether Dame is female or male or Sire is male or female, but Dame is the one who gets pregnant so we can assume that Dame is a female cat. Once the two cats have bred then they will go into the ‘resting period’ where there is a cooldown until you can breed the same cat again. As you go further in this breeding process, the cats move further down in generations, and it continued the mixture of genes.

How do Cryptokitties work?

Crypto kitties is a unique technological advancement game that runs on Blockchain, which runs on the Algorithm called as ‘Genetic Algorithm’. This algorithm tries to mimic the real world. You can say that the information stored in the kitten is like the DNA of living animals. The cats are breed with NFC tags, they have unique colors, genetics, and characteristics, and they come with their cryptocurrency wallet like you are buying something for yourself.

How to buy and sell Cryptokitties?

This new blockchain virtual kitty pet game, developed by Dollartreefoundation, becoming one of the most viral apps in the world. Buying a kitty in this game is not a cheap affair. You need a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and the latest price of 1 Kitty is 0.002 BTC ( Bitcoin ) on the official website and app.

How to make money on Cryptokitties?

Yes, you can make money on Cryptokitties. The concept behind the cat’s value is based on how rare the breed is. It is the scarcity of the cat which increases the cat’s value. So now, the question is how can you know which breed is rare?
If you’re planning to breed your cat a blue-colored eye kitty then more kitties with blue color eyes will appear, so it won’t be rare. It is the player’s perspective which breed is rare and which is not and those who are rare, are valued more. One of the rarest breeds of kittens is the generation where they come from. The demand for kittens changes with time, you can sell a normal kitty and make small money but there will be a time when you will get lucky and someone will buy your kitty for thousand dollars.
Generally, the founder cats are more precious, founder cats mean the first 100 cats that were founded on the app. The value is based on their ID number, the lower the ID number is the better. In the past few months, these kittens have sold from a range of 15 – 25 ETH, which amounts to $3,577 to $5,962. This is an insane amount of money. Another factor that gives value to the cats is something called Mewtations. Some of the genes do not exist in generation 0 and can therefore only manifest if a mutation, or a Mewtation, occurs.
Kittens that have mewtated (mutated) can be a part of different tiers. The first cat that receives a specific mewtation gets a diamond gem, and there are currently only 243 cats that have this gem. A kitten with a diamond gem is going on the market for about 3-4 ETH and 4 ETH which is around $950. A kitten with a diamond gem that has not to breed with anyone and yet can sell for even more money, they are hard to value though since one has not been sold in a very long time.

How to breed cyptokitties?

You will need compatible kitties to start the breeding process. First, you will have to find mating pair which has been approved by the community as being adaptable and interesting enough for breeding purposes. Each partner needs at least 30 days; break then only they will be ready to breed again.

The Future of Crypto kitties.

The question is what is the future of these cryptokitties? This game was launched in 2017 as a smartphone app and now it is done on blockchain technology and wallet which let users buy and sell digital pets via auction or even trade them without involving any third party.

Source : Official Cryptokitties Website

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