The Ultimate Guide to AI Content Writing Tools: Price, Features, and More

Top 5 AI Tools for Content Writing

Explore a comprehensive guide to AI content writing tools, covering everything from pricing and features to additional insights. Discover the top solutions to enhance your content creation process efficiently.

To meet such content demand, many programmers have invented several artificial intelligence tools that can do content writing using AI technology.  These tools are capable of creating blogs, slogans, lyrics, posts and many other types of content just by prediction based on the text entered by the user.

There are several AI tools for content writing in the market right now. Among them are Write Sonic, Ryter, Jasper and many more. Here are mentioned the five Best AI Tools for content writing one can find for their work. So, take a look below and select which tools fit best as per your necessities.

ToolPriceFeaturesWord QualityOur Rating
Jasper49$ – 600$4.5/54.2/54.6/5
Writesonic15$ – 199$4.2/53.8/54.2/5
Rytr9$ – 29$3.8/53.6/54/5
Copymatic29$ – 49$3.8/53.5/53.8/5
Copy.ai49$ – 279$3.6/53.8/54/5
ToolPriceOur Rating
Jasper49$ – 600$4.6/5
Writesonic15$ – 199$4.2/5
Rytr9$ – 29$4/5
Copymatic29$ – 49$3.8/5
Copy.ai49$ – 279$4/5

Best Options to start with : Writesonic and rytr

Best option for Pro : Jasper

1. Writesonic

This excellent tool might be the thing you need for our business growth. This program is designed to produce copywriting mails and SEO-based meta descriptions that will give your content the top seat in the search engine.

It is mostly used by brands to write and modify their blogs, articles and product descriptions. It is an easy-to-use tool with a basic free plan just to test its functionality and alter have to upgrade the plan to get its full use.

Some of the features of Writesonic:

  • It provides you with plagiarism and grammar checkers by default.
  • The in-build tone corrector and sentence formatting improve your content weightage.
  • Provides you with several blogs, ads and many other content ideas.

2. Rytr

Rytr is programmed to provide the content without interference from the users within hours. It mostly uses old data, thus providing more accurate and good content. The new version of the Rytr has new features for checking plagiarism, and grammatical errors and has a tone corrector too.

The beginners find it very easy to use and very compatible. It is extremely helpful to the new bloggers and writers or for social media posts. However, one might not have more control over its AI.

Some of the features of Rytr:

  • Provides you with your writing assistant.
  • Gives you a generation of form and content.
  • Supports plugins which enable you to work with other apps.

3. Jasper

Jasper gives more control of content to the users. Without proper input from the writer, the content will not be up to mark.  Its AI is an expert in writing short content without much input. However, it also supports blogs, books, and script writing.

The drawback with Jasper is that it is not free but provides a free trial for a short period to check whether it’s good for your writing or not. It is also SEO based and with plagiarism detector. In short, it is best for the user who wants to write long content.

Some of the features of Jasper:

  • Helps with long-form for creation of lengthy articles
  • Easy generation of blogs, and social media posts
  • Content Improver is effective in improving the quality of your work.


Copymatic tool helps you with the persuasive writing long with engaging content and fully SEO-based content. It has use easy graphics and designs for newcomers at an affordable price. It also supports several types of writing including FAQs, ads, and media posts.

However, it has some features lagging behind other AI tools. Also, you might not find the proper content in the first go, you might have to try a few times before you get proper writing. Overall, it might be a good tool for you to start with.

Some of the features of Copymatic:

  • Content can be altered into 20+ languages to take your business anywhere.
  • Specialised in writing conversion-based content.
  • An AI sentence rewriter for you to rewrite your sentence in a completely different manner.

From the CopyAI name, it is clear that it is for the copywriters. It is an excellent tool for writers who are suffering from the loss of ideas. CopyAI has a long-form document editor, thus providing the one place for all your work.

The plus point for copy is that it has a free version where the writer can check its content for plagiarism and even use some of its features which other AI tools fail to provide in a free trial.

Some of the features of

  • Provides high-quality marketing content such as ads, sales or digital copies etc.
  • Get help from 90+ tools and templates
  • Creates effective e-mail lines and content 


AI tools for writing have completely shifted the game in the writing world. AI tools have helped many busy writers from overcoming writer’s block. The standard of writing and content creation has also been increased, providing the explorer with new and unique content. So, take a pick from these tools and scale your writing skills and achievements.

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