Paid Backlinks – A Boon or Curse?

Google Finally Lets You Opt Out of Targeted Ads and Keep Personalised Searches

Unlock the power of content marketing as a potent tool for online promotion. Learn how informative content combined with strategic SEO can elevate your business and drive significant growth, making content marketing a key player in your marketing strategy.

Analyzing further into this marketing style, innovative inclusions of several marketing elements can take your write-up to a great length. That would be link-building. The best SEO practice to help rank your engine search is the inclusion of links. A good number of inbound links always helps to keep your marketing aligned with the changing trends.

Google algorithm is hard to crack. Several ways in the past decade have proven to boost your page ranking. Researchers have helped make the most out of it and successfully conquered the search rankings. There have been forgery even in this facet of marketing to achieve early success. One among them would be buying backlinks for SEO.

Is buying backlinks for SEO still in practice?

Yes, it is still in practice. You heard it right. But why do people prefer this act in marketing? Read through this blog to find out.

Let me get you straight with the concept of paid links. Suppose you have a website. You are trying to tweak the SEO by incorporating links. It is when it strikes you that you pay a particular third party to include your link in their domain. By doing so, whenever a person visits their website, they can find your link and access it, giving you more visitors and resulting in a higher rank.

So now, whether right or wrong, it is a BIG NO! That is because google considers it as a manipulation. Sadly, these kinds of paid links are still in practice.

Why does it still exist?

The reason why paid backlinks still exists is that it is easy to work and results in early success. Working on genuine links takes a lot of time, and it needs a lot of creativity. The content creation and building takes a great effort to start from scratch. Sounds already exhausting, right? That is why people switch to paid links.

Though Google is not foolproof, it has its way of identifying and penalizing such sites. So the best suggestion would be to avoid this doubtful advantage. Though it might taste sweet initially, just like the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden, there are no limits to what harm it can do once identified.

What are the alternatives for paid links?

Running Ads

One of the best alternatives for paid links would be running ads. The concept of running ads is nothing but will help your site’s visibility drastically increase. It helps your site to show up in relevant searches. It plays a significant role in uplifting your brand awareness, resulting in success.

If undertaking the practice of paid links, the particular website has a high chance of getting ignored by Google. But on the other hand, running ads will give you the results as promised. It is your take to choose how sustainable you want your business to be.   

Build up relationships

A trusted business relationship with several industry sources and your brand peers is another effective way to incorporate your links into their domain. It helps in the long run in the SEO and enables you to gain some good insights from several business perspectives.

The main intention is to return to the brand peer by helping your brand peer to mention their brand name in your resources. As the saying goes, “Live and let live” you can feature your brand peers by incorporating a guest blog or quoting them in yours, and so on. It works to a great extent. It has been proven to lead the external drive and shoot up the traffic.

Invest your time in sound content generation

Content is king. There is no debate about that. The content will persuade a reader to stay on your site even if your links are paid or bought. Hence instead of going all the way around, why not start with the best option? It is a lot of work and time consuming, but good things take time. Set your foothold straight and it will bring you the intended results.

Strategizing your already present content for further marketing and resuing your content frequently by tweaking it according to the current trends is another way to increase your traffic. Using your blogs and other resources on social media and performing clever marketing is another intelligent marketing method.


Anything true persists for a longer time. The rest will perish. That is how the pioneers have earned their SEO and digital marketing success. The effort is always incredible. Brands and businesses are something that was started to be in the long run. Because of some manipulative acts, getting penalized or going unrecognized is unfair.

It is ultimately your take to choose the road you desire to travel. This blog is just an insight to make you understand how our journey to each route will end. For an endless and fruitful business journey, it is best not to opt for paid links. Nothing good has come out of it.         

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